Desktop Software

Linux focus, Windows enabled
Pay what you can

Offline Kanban


Offline Kanban solves the problem of the modern hobbyist, DIYer and even small business providing an affordable, almost completely offline one time purchase pay what you can product to use a digital Kanban board with little set-up. Better than sticky notes but still belongs to you, data and all.

Platforms: Linux, Windows (alpha), Mac

Linux Access Control Editor


Linux Access Control Editor is a GUI tool giving the basic user total control over the permissions and access of a file or directory. Visually and all in one tool you can now view and edit access control lists, permissions and ownership of a file or directory.

Platforms: Linux

Libraries & Dev Tools

XojoEZUnit - The Simple Xojo Unit Testing Framework

A Unit Testing framework for Xojo. Trimmed and simplified for rapid and easy unit testing. Inspired and rebuilt from original XojoUnit.
Check it out on Github